Color Codes to change on the Wyoming DMR Network

Effective February 1, 2015, the Wyoming DMR Network will be changing from cc7 to cc9. Codeplugs will be updated and made available to those that have the ability to program your own radios. If you do not have the ability to program your radio(s), please contact either Greg, N7GT, or Rob, N7EMA, and we'll be happy to assist by programming your radio(s) for you.

DMR Network Updates

There has been a lot of changes in the last week to the DMR network in Cheyenne. Mike, K7PFJ, has placed a new DMR repeater in Cheyenne. It is located at the old AT&T tower site on the west side of I-25, just north of Terry Ranch Rd. This new repeater is a connected to the RMHAM system in Colorado and will host the Colorado Wide talkgroup on TS1 and the Northern Colorado talkgroup on TS2. It is on the air and fully functional and offers absolutely phenomenal coverage South, North, and East of Cheyenne (K2AD reports he can access this repeater from his home in Firestone, CO).

N7MJ seeks Section Manager nomination

I'm proud to announce that Jack has received the signatures required to be nominated to run in the upcoming election for Wyoming Section Manager. I hope everyone will support Jack in his venture once the ballots hit your mailbox. Good luck to him and hope to have Jack as our new Section Manager.


Can someone she info on the upcoming (Hopefully I guess) campout?

Times, Dates, Places Contact info would be nice.



North American SSB QSO Party - Saturday

The North American QSO party invites hams to work other hams during a 12 hour period that begins Saturday, August 16th at noon MDT. You must operate on the non-WARC bands on low power. As a single operator you can only operate for 10 hours. If you spread your time across the 12 hour window, you must take breaks lasting at least 30 minutes so that the total on-the-air time is only 10 hours. My approach to this is to take a 40 minute dinner break, and then close station 80 minutes before the event ends.

Consider the New Guys

I am writing on behalf of the newly licensed and immigrant hams (like myself) in the Cheyenne area.

Summer is the time for many public service activities like bicycle rides and walks that support charitable organizations, and the Frontier Days parades and air show.

W R T C 2014

The operating portion of the World Radiosport Team Championship is this weekend. The teams arrived at the departure point on Wednesday, July 8th, and should be on the air starting tomorrow (which means tonight MDT).
The objective of this competition is to pit two person teams of world-class contesters against each other while removing the differences between their stations from the equation. The stations in New England are pre-configured to be roughly identical, a drawing is held for which team gets which station, the teams travel to their station, and the competition begins.


Field Day 2014

W7MEW, Mike is the contact person for 2014 Field Day. The location is Spring Cheek Ranch off HorseCreek Road. Here is a link for all the information:

2014 IDXC, 65th Anniversary

The 65th International DX Convention was held at the Visalia Convention Center in CA during the first weekend in April 2014. This year the Southern California DX Club was the host. Attendance was down from 850 in 2013 to about 680 this year.

VHF Field Day (Contest)

On the weekend of June 14-15 there is an ARRL sponsored VHF contest (50MHz and up). This is a chance for the Technician Class amateur to explore some of the less common modes available to them. Specifically SSB, Digital or CW. Read about it here:


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